The InBody 770 body analysis: a deep insight into our body #34

InBody 770 body analysis

InBody 770 body analysis - Human body weight has many different components: Muscle, fat, bone, water and more. A normal weighing on a scale can only tell us our total weight. However, it says nothing about how this weight is distributed or what health indicators are behind it. This is where the InBody 770 body analysis comes into play.

What is the InBody 770 body analysis?

The InBody 770 body composition analyser is an advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) that provides a detailed body composition measurement. This high-tech device measures not only body weight, but also body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mineral density, intracellular and extracellular water and many other important indicators of health and fitness.

Why is the InBody 770 body analysis important?

Accurate body compositionBy measuring the various components of the body, fitness and health goals can be defined and monitored more precisely. Weight loss does not always mean fat loss. A precise understanding of what exactly is being lost - be it muscle mass or fat - is of great importance for a targeted improvement in health.

Personalised training plansKnowledge of individual body composition can be used to create personalised training plans. A person with a high body fat percentage needs a different approach than someone who wants to gain muscle mass.

Health benefitsMonitoring indicators such as visceral fat, which surrounds the internal organs, or the body's water balance can reveal potential health problems. These factors are often invisible health risks that cannot be recognised with a normal scale.

How does the InBody 770 body analysis work?

The InBody 770 uses multiple frequencies to transmit through the body. It measures the resistance or "impedance" of the different parts of the body. Muscles, which contain a lot of water, conduct electricity well, while fat, which contains little water, has a higher resistance. By measuring these impedances at different points on the body, the device can provide an accurate estimate of body composition.

Advantages over other measurement methods:

  • Non-invasiveNo painful skin fold measurements or immersion in water baths are required.

  • SpeedA measurement only takes a few minutes.

  • AccuracyThanks to multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis, the device offers one of the most accurate non-invasive measurements of body composition.


The InBody 770 body analysis is a revolutionary tool that provides a detailed insight into body composition. It goes far beyond mere weighing and provides in-depth insights into health and fitness. For anyone who takes their health and fitness seriously, the InBody 770 body composition analyser is an indispensable tool for making informed decisions about diet, training and lifestyle.

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  • Time of day: We recommend carrying out the body analysis in the morning.
  • Sober condition: It is important that the analysis is carried out on an empty stomach.
  • Sporting activity: No sport may be practised for 4 hours before the analysis.
  • Safety note: Persons with a pacemaker and pregnant women are not permitted to use the analyser.
  • Menstruation: The analysis should not be carried out during the menstrual cycle, as the water balance shifts at this time

         Follow these instructions to ensure accurate and reliable results from your body analysis.