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Training, nutrition and recovery

As you read this text, you are already a little closer to your goal. At Ultimate Personal Training Zurich, we believe in the holistic approach of training, nutrition and recovery. These three things belong together and should never be considered separately. It is the key to a long and healthy life.

We have highly trained personal trainers who will work with you to achieve your goals. In addition to personal training, we offer a range of analyses such as metabolic, performance and Inbody body analysis.

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Personal Training Zurich

Personal Training

In order to achieve your goals in a timely manner, we offer a subscription system with an unbeatable price-performance ratio at Ultimate Personal Training Zurich.

Ultimate Personal Training Zurich

Nutritional counselling

Alongside your training, a healthy diet is essential. Our nutrition coaches will advise you on your individual needs in order to best achieve your goals.

Personal Trainer Zurich

Metabolism & Performance Analysis

Based on the values determined, we will create a targeted training and nutrition strategy for you, tailored to your personal goal.

Your first personal training

The first step towards personal training always takes a little effort. We'll take away any doubts and show you briefly how your first personal training will work. And then you can start right away!

Step 1: Anamnesis and body analysis

First of all, we have a joint initial consultation to determine the current state and to discuss any injuries. Then an InBody body analysis is carried out and the personal goals are discussed.

Step 2:

In the first training session, we determine your general performance and fitness level. This allows us to plan the subsequent training sessions accordingly so that we can get the best out of you.

Step 3:

During the first training session we will also talk about nutrition and possible optimisations. Do you need help in this area? Optionally, you can also book various nutrition packages for your personal training.


These Zurich personal trainers are behind Ultimate Personal Training Zurich.

Personal Training

Alex Utzinger

Owner, Managing Director & Personal Trainer Zurich

Dipl. Fitness Supervisor, Dipl. Fitness Trainer, Dipl. Physique & Body Trainer, Personal Trainer, Back Rehabilitation Coach, Nutrition Coach

Personal Trainer Zurich

Samira Bear

Deputy Managing Director & Personal Trainer Zurich

Fitness Trainer A Licence, Fitness Trainer B Licence, Dipl. Nutritionist

Personal Trainer Zurich

Gasnel Charlotte

Personal Trainer /
Kickboxing trainer

Personal Trainer Zurich

Sina Halter

Personal Trainer Zurich

Personal trainer

Lina Schink

Personal Trainer Zurich

Personal trainer


Personal Trainer Zurich

Personal trainer


Personal Trainer Zurich

Professional ballet training, qualified fitness supervisor, qualified fitness trainer, qualified functional trainer.

Personal trainer



Sports, deep, regenerative, head and foot reflexology massages. Dry needling and shock wave therapy.

Personal Trainer Zurich

Sean Amini

Head of Marketing