7 great tips for your booty training #03

A firm buttocks is not only a visual eye-catcher. Booty training has many advantages: You can improve your posture, prevent knee and back problems and increase your basal metabolic rate. Due to too much sitting and little movement in everyday life, the gluteal muscles of most people are rather weak. To prevent them from atrophying completely, targeted butt training is important.


Not only are more and more girls going to the gym regularly for this reason, but more and more guys are also incorporating a targeted butt workout into their exercise routine.

But how do you actually get a firm butt?

With super sets, hypertrophy training or always new exercises where we literally contort ourselves? In today's blog post you'll learn all about the glutes and 7 tips on how to build muscle. Which 5 exercises are good to train your butt muscles - you will find out in part 2.

Before you start training the gluteus maximus, you should first familiarise yourself with the anatomy (by the way, this does not only apply to the gluteus maximus, but also to all other muscle groups). The gluteal muscle consists of 3 subdivisions.

The large gluteal muscle

It is one of the largest muscles in the human body (!), attaches to the femur and arises after half of the ilium, the sacrum and coccyx.

Its most important function is to extend the hip joint. It stabilises the pelvis and thus keeps the upper body upright both when standing and walking. It also enables abduction (away from the body) and adduction (= towards the body) of the thigh in the hip joint.

The middle gluteal muscle

The gluteus medius arises fan-like on the outside of the iliac crest and attaches to the bony prominence of the femur.

It is primarily responsible for abduction of the hip joint. Its anterior fibres provide flexion (bending) and internal rotation and the posterior fibres provide extension (stretching) and external rotation of the hip joint. If you want to train the gluteus medius specifically, it is best to choose wide sumo squats or banded sidewalks.

The small gluteal muscle

This is similar in origin and function to the gluteus medius. So let's get straight to our 7 tips on how to get the best out of your butt.

1. make your booty training varied

Nothing is more tedious than training according to the same plan for months on end. That's why you need variety, and your butt muscles will thank you for it. They need regular new stimuli to grow. So if you want to increase the volume of your booty, the Variation in the training plan essential. We always strive to offer our customers a varied programme on an ongoing basis.

Make sure your Stressing the buttocks from all sides. That is, through hip flexion, hip extension and abduction. Only in this way can you be sure that you are training your backside holistically.

2. eat a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates

Your training success does not depend solely on your performance in the gym or home gym. Nutrition is a much more important lever. The best butt training won't get you anywhere if you don't eat a rich diet, especially one rich in protein and carbohydrates. We always advise our clients to do the same.

For muscles to grow, your body needs in most cases, Sufficient energy and protein. For muscle building, a Calorie surplus makes sense. How high this should be depends on your starting position and your fitness goal. If you want to find out more about your personal energy metabolism, we advise you to have your metabolism analysed. This will help you to set an exact calorie target. We offer this in our studio.

3. activate your buttocks before the booty workout

Many people who go to the gym regularly make the mistake of not preparing properly for the upcoming session. It's not enough to jump straight into the heavy weights after a short warm-up on the treadmill. Before you do squats, deadlifts and the like, be sure to wake up your butt. Specific warm-up exercises for the buttocks help you to understand the so-called Mind Muscle Connection to activate. Behind this is a neuronal connection between the brain and the muscle fibres. When this connection is active, you can address and strengthen your muscles even better.

It's that simpleBefore the workout, take 5 to 10 minutes to activate your buttocks. For example, air squats, lunges, glute bridges and various mobility exercises are suitable. It doesn't matter the speed or intensity, just focus on the muscles in your buttocks.

4. focus on strength instead of cardio

If you want to get your butt in shape, you should focus on Strength training lay. Exercises with your own body weight or better still with additional resistance are the best way to strengthen the muscles in the buttocks and make them grow. If you want the muscles to grow, then make sure that you use the energy you have burned. through the food you eat. After all, your muscles need power to gain volume.

Important to know: Make always weight training first and endurance training afterwards. This way you get the best out of both.

5. also strengthen abdomen and legs

holistic training is the way to the goal. This applies to every one of your physical goals! Your dream is a round, firm butt and you're going full throttle for it? Great! However, you shouldn't focus your workout solely on the buttocks. With Ultimate, variety - and extensive personal training - is at the top of the list!

The good thing is that your buttocks are also involved in most thigh and abdominal exercises as well as in many upper body exercises. even during the bench press you can consciously tense your gluteus and thus provide extra stimuli in the lower body.

6. train your booty with enough resistance

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body by volume. So it's not squeamish. This means for your butt training: get out of your comfort zone and challenge your glutes. Dare to train with heavy weights! We can help you to encourage or support you.

7. ensure sufficient regeneration after booty training

Muscles do not grow in training, but on the Rest days. Even though your gluteal muscles can withstand a lot, give them enough time to recover after an intense booty day. At least 24, better still 48 hours should be. If you overload the muscle fibres, injuries are more likely to occur and your performance may stagnate.

We've been working on this issue for a few years and can help you get a shapely bum. Book your Booty Training now!